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“I got introduced to Kathy at a very difficult time of my life. She walked me through it with kindness and grace. I really appreciated her expertise in this field as a breast surgeon/specialist. She answered my questions patiently, she read my information and gave me succinct feedback. I am forever grateful for that.”

– Shalini

“When my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, my entire family was in disarray. My sister’s medical oncologist was well-renowned and great at research, but her bedside manner left us feeling depressed and hopeless each time we met with her.

“As a cancer coach/navigator, we came to Dr. Calvillo and she showed us how to navigate the network and find my sister the best medical oncologist possible. When I called to try to get an appt with this new oncologist, they told me it would take a month to get an appointment. Dr. Calvillo was able to help us schedule the appointment in less than two weeks. Dr. Calvillo armed us with the knowledge of the right questions to ask and guide us through what to expect with the other cancer doctors. The oncologist she referred us to lifted my sister’s spirit immediately and gave us hope.

“Anyone would be wise and fortunate to have Dr. Calvillo care for them as soon as they are diagnosed with cancer. She will help to alleviate the unbearable stress a cancer diagnosis brings to a patient and their family and make it a much less daunting experience.”

– Nancy

“The diagnosis of breast cancer is very traumatic. Dr. Kathy Calvillo is a blessing. She is extremely knowledgeable and down-to-earth. She very clearly outlined my options in simple terms, with great compassion. She truly cares about me as a person and spent much time with me ensuring that I understood everything she recommended. I took great comfort in knowing I came to the right doctor. No question was too small and I quickly felt that we were on the same team. Her positive and uplifting attitude turned despair into hope. I absolutely feel totally confident my treatment is leading me to be cancer-free. Anxiety turned into confidence that as a team we are fighting my cancer successfully. I very highly recommend Dr. Calvillo without hesitation.”

– Tom

“No one can prepare you for a breast cancer diagnosis. It is a scary time, filled with lots of uncertainty and questions. And that’s where Dr. Calvillo comes in. On the same day that I received my diagnosis before the full pathology came back, she was there for me. She calmly explained what the various possibilities were and what treatment options would follow. Her patience helped steady me. She had an answer for every question I had and even those I didn’t know I had. And when the pathology came back, I understood the words I was hearing and what it would mean for my treatment.

“Throughout my cancer journey, Dr. Calvillo was there, counseling me through each decision with the same patience and understanding that she had from the start. No one can prepare you for a breast cancer diagnosis – but having Dr. Calvillo on your team can prepare you for what lies ahead. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

– Sara

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From the initial diagnosis to treatment plans and surgery, New England Breast and Wellness is a comprehensive center for breast cancer care in Wellesley, MA. We believe in empowering patients to advocate for themselves, identify the earliest warning signs of breast cancer, and minimize the risk of breast cancer. If you’ve noticed a lump on your breast or other unexplained changes to your breast shape, size, or skin, please schedule an appointment immediately — the earlier we detect breast cancer, the better the prognosis.

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