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The Care Program: Not Just for Breast Cancer Patients

Whether you are at an increased risk for breast cancer (high Tyrer-Cuzick score), worry about a cancer recurrence after breast cancer treatment, have abnormal breast imaging that needs to be followed, or you have a genetic mutation, the Care Program allows Dr. Calvillo to follow you closely, examine you every few months, and spend more time with you, focusing on your health and education, both of which are proven to improve overall health outcomes, reduce hospital and ER visits and curb unnecessary testing and procedures.

Exceptional, Compassionate Care

Dr. Calvillo wants you to truly understand your health and be a partner in your care. You will receive the highest level of care. Providing care for a limited number of patients allows her to be more available, accommodating, and responsive to provide you with more personalized attention.

Care Coordination

Whether or not you have a breast cancer diagnosis, Dr. Calvillo is your advocate and provides navigation in a complex healthcare system, coordinating your medical care with your other physicians and specialists of the highest quality in Boston and throughout the country.

Dr. Calvillo

She is a breast cancer surgeon and cancer specialist with nearly 20 years of experience at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, a Boston Magazine Top Doctor, a US News and World Report/Castle Connolly Top Doctor, an International Association of Oncologists Top Oncologist, and listed in Exceptional Women in Medicine.

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up visits are done at a minimum every 6 months, or more if needed, which includes a clinical breast exam and review of your breast imaging and treatment by Dr. Calvillo herself, not a physician extender. When you desire close surveillance for breast cancer recurrence or a new breast cancer, you need it done by an experienced breast cancer surgeon.

Preventive Care

All new patients seen by Dr. Calvillo undergo a formal cancer risk assessment and if you qualify for genetic testing, it can be done the same day. This allows for prevention. She also calculates every woman’s lifetime breast cancer risk score at the time of the first visit to assess whether additional breast cancer screening is needed. Dr. Calvillo will also review other things you can do to decreased your future risk of various cancers, not only breast cancer.

Access and Urgent Visits

Our annual patient members have 24/7 access to Dr. Calvillo directly via email, text, and phone. Same-day or next-day appointments can often be made with less than 24-hour notice.

Peace of Mind

When you have access to all the above in our Care Program, your peace of mind is priceless.

If you enroll within 30 days of your initial consultation, the initial consultation fee will be applied to the Care Program.

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