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Whether you are concerned about your risk of breast cancer given your family history or you are relieved to be finished with breast cancer treatment but concerned about the cancer returning, monitoring for breast cancer is important. We offer a concierge membership service, the Care Program, designed specifically for you. You will undergo a clinical breast exam by a breast surgeon every 6 months and have your breast imaging reviewed. With this membership, you can return at any time during the year should any breast concerns arise. Being monitored closely for breast cancer by a breast specialist dedicated 100% to breast care gives you more peace of mind.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Identifying Risk Factors

The risk of breast cancer may increase because of a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal factors, genetic predisposition, obesity, high-fat diets, smoking, the regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, and numerous other factors. Understanding the family history of breast cancer and seeking genetic testing gives us the information necessary for the prevention or early detection of breast cancer.

Weight Management

Obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer because it increases the level of estrogen and progesterone in your body. As such, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight according to your lifestyle. However, the term “healthy weight” isn’t the same as supermodel weight, which is unachievable for most people. Instead, you should contact your breast cancer specialist or physician to curate a healthy weight management program.

Nutritious & Balanced Meals

A high-fat diet can increase your risk of breast cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. You should ideally maintain a nutritious and balanced diet with a high volume of vegetables, fruits, and fibers, and low carbohydrates, fats, and alcohol. Not only will this reduce your risk of cancer, but it will also help you lead a healthier life.

Regular Exercise

You can significantly lower the risk of breast cancer with only 90 minutes of exercise per week. Furthermore, you can engage in any form of exercise you enjoy, such as dancing, running, swimming, cycling, or even walking. Making small but meaningful changes to your lifestyle can significantly improve your health and reduce the risk of cancer.

Regular Screening

Most importantly, you opt for regular breast self-exams and professional screenings by a breast cancer specialist, especially if you’re in a high-risk category. If you have a high risk because of a personal or family history of breast cancer, you must undergo breast cancer screenings once every six months. The imaging may take numerous forms, such as mammograms, ultrasounds, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Regular screening allows you to detect breast cancer at the earliest stage possible when it’s extremely treatable.

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New England Breast and Wellness provides a concierge membership service to monitor for breast cancer. The membership is designed according to your unique goals and risk factors, and it includes two breast screenings per year. You can also contact our breast cancer specialists at any point during the year to address further concerns. Please schedule an appointment for more information about monitoring for breast cancer in Wellesley, MA.

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